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#2 - Pee on the Tree

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Kenneth Munyer Photography LLC

I was 9 years young when my family first visited Sequoia National Park.

One morning, I went hiking with mom. She brought her old film camera to photograph the Marmots (cute furry bite-sized baby dogs that live in holes)

At one point, I realized I had to piss. She was taking her sweet time hunting the football-shaped mini dogs (why did you make them, Lord?). For some reason, I decided to hold it in and wait until I got to a proper toilet (bougie much?). However, the Universe conspired against my bladder - she found one and conducted a mini photo session with it.

"Chin-up. Good. Now tilt your head down a little bit...YES; Okay, now... big smile! NOICE! How about a fake laugh!?"

Just kidding. But for reals, I really had to pee.

"Screw this", I thought, as I started the hike back to camp.

A few minutes later, this massive deer pranced his Bambi-ass in front me. What is it with animals and trolling humans (I'm looking at you, squirrels)!? All the discipline required to hold in my urine nearly failed me as I cried all the way back to Dad.

Dad's like,

"Sup. What's wrong?"...

To which I frantically replied, "DUDE THIS DEER NEARLY KILLED ME AND I NEED TO PEE


Laughing at my the bewildered face of his eldest son "Why didn't you pee on a tree, bruh? Smh..."

To this day, I don't know why I didn't pee on the tree. Maybe it was just so I could write this blog post twenty years later. God has a sense of humor with stuff like this.

Intuitive Spiritual Side Note...

I decided to pray more about this memory since it was foundational for my journey as an artist and photographer. What came to mind was this - the Giant Redwoods, the Deer, my Mom with her camera...

The trees were massive, rooted deeply into the Earth. My son, set roots in Me and I will establish you...

The deer was free and sprinted with great ease. And I will direct your intensity...

Mom was immersed in joy in the Present Moment. Through Co-creation with Me in photography...

OK dude, get to the point

My mom was so immersed in her joy of photographing potato-puppies, that I nearly died (not really). But she was immersed and full of joy, which made a huge impression on me!

But that wasn't the secret sauce (I hope it's like Chick-fil-a sauce...)

...She found her joy living in the Sacrament of the Present Moment.

So guys, slow down and remember...

Pee on the tree.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ken "#$%^ deers" Munyer

A guy that loves Jesus Christ who maybe has too much ambition...trying to set the world ablaze for the Lord in my own little way.


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Lauro Paxcle jr
Lauro Paxcle jr
13 ott 2022

We don't know these things as youngsters. Our learning experience comes from our parents. Remember when I said that you are truly never ready when you have a kid.

Mi piace
Ken Munyer
Ken Munyer
13 ott 2022
Risposta a

So true. Our parents do our best. This was one of those foundational memories that left a positive imprint on me. I think God threw in the deer for 'shock & awe' so I could remember this moment. I didn't know I was going to be a wedding photographer back then lol.

Yeah bro! My counselor once told me the that most people won't fully understand God's love for them until they experience the unconditional love for their own baby as they hold them in their arms.

I think having a kid with the right woman would be the adventure of a lifetime.

Mi piace
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